When in the forest do as the animals do - Leave only your tracks behind you!

Limberlost Lodge, Mississagi Valley, Ontario, Canada


We believe that if we are going to be able to protect nature we must have conscientious people, as well as the animals, making tracks in the forest. It is difficult to convince people and governments that something is worth saving if no one sees it except those looking to profit from exploiting it. We invite you to join us on a tour to Ontario's true wilderness. We take you into one of Ontario's new Provincial Parks. This park was created by the Lands for Life - Living Legacy process that added 60 new parks in Ontario. We wrote several submissions and attended many meetings in an attempt to have this area protected. We know many of the ecological values which exist there. We have an 'outpost' cabin located within the park. To keep this place wild and natural we limit the number of visits per year. 

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe that 'being there' is worth at least a thousand pictures. But make sure you bring your camera to LIMBERLOST. You will want to share your experience with your friends and family.

Ecotour - Three Days (two nights) in a land of moose and beaver.
This is a guided wildlife seeking tour into Ontario's new park - The Wakomata Lake Area of the Mississagi River Provincial Park. LIMBERLOST's 'outpost' cabin will be your base camp. To get to this cabin we will hike and canoe about 5 kilometers (3 miles). On the way you will see remnants of the early logging days in this area. We will take time to see one of the largest White Spruce trees in the province.
Photo 76 - White Spruce This large White Spruce tree has a diameter of 66.9 cm. (26.34 inches) and is 42.68 meters (140 feet) tall which gives it a score of 285.5. The largest White Spruce in Ontario has a diameter of 79 cm. (31.1 inches) and is 39 meters (128 feet) tall which gives it a score of 308. You can see that our local tree is already taller and thus has a good chance to be the largest in the province some day. 

We will silently canoe the lake in the morning and evening to observe the wildlife that inhabits this area. With luck we will see a moose eating water plants. We will see interesting wildflowers, birds, and other animals as we explore the area around the lake. We will climb the hills around the lake and from vantage points we overlook marshlands frequented by moose. 
Photo 77 - Moose Photo 78 - Moose
Photo 79 - Ruffed Grouse
Can you see and identify the bird in this photo?
Photo 80 - Northern Pitcher Plant
This Northern Pitcher Plant is carnivorous.

We will see beaver and how they can change the landscape. You will be amazed at the things these rodents will do and how they affect the landscape and ecosystems. 
Photo 81 - Beaver Photo 82 - Beaver Chewed Tree
Photo 83 - Beaver Pond
A beaver pond with a view.
Photo 84 - Upended Tree Root
Ever wonder about the size of a tree's root system?

We can tailor the amount of hiking to your personal abilities. Canoe experience is recommended but not essential. Good hiking boots and a pack frame to carry your personal gear are required. The cabin is well equipped but without modern conveniences. This tour is designed for two people only. (A canoe comfortably holds two people, a guide and equipment.)  We supply the guide, canoe, food, sleeping bags and the cabin and equipment.
Rate: Three days (two nights) - $225.00 per person (Canadian funds).  

Black bears are solitary and elusive. It is a real treat to get to see one in the wild. Sometimes we are lucky and catch a glimpse of one. However, most of the time their keen senses alert them to our presence, and the disappear long before we know that they were there. Photo 85 - Black Bear
Photo 86 - Red Fox More often we see the Red Fox patrolling the shoreline in search of a meal.

Ecotourism is nature based, conservation supporting, environmental and cultural educating tourism.
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