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Fishing at Limberlost Lodge

LIMBERLOST LODGE can provide you with a memorable fishing trip. The lakes, rivers and streams in the Mississagi Valley (where we are located) offer a variety of fish species including smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, speckled trout, rainbow trout, perch and whitefish. Take a look and see what some of our guests have caught in Chub Lake. Study the fishing maps (Map Room @ "Location" ), explore and learn the lake, fish at the right time of the day and use the right bait chances are you will be rewarded for your efforts - as these guests were.
Photo 40 - Lake Trout Photo 29 - Northern Pike
Photo 30 - Lake Trout Photo 31 - Walleye
Photo 32 - Catch and Release 15lb. Pike Photo 33 - Smallmouth Bass
Photo 34 - Lake Trout Photo 35 - Walleye
Photo 36 - Smallmouth Bass Photo 37 - Smallmouth Bass
Photo 38 - Smallmouth Bass Photo 39 - Northern Pike
We keep boats on Tunnel Lake for our guests to use. Just get the key at office and take your outboard and fishing gear the 4 Km. (2.5 miles) to our boat cache on Tunnel Lake. The 30 Km. (20 miles) of lake and river fishing for walleye, pike, bass and perch is just waiting for you and your lure.
To find out more about fishing in our area have a look at the Fishing and Chub Lake Maps.
To Fishing Map To Map of Chub Lake
In the fall, try the salmon run in the Mississagi River at Iron Bridge, or the Bridgland River at Little Rapids. Both places are only a half hour drive from Limberlost Lodge, and yield some great catches.
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