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On this page we will try to provide you with some information that you may find useful when planning your vacation at LIMBERLOST LODGE. Most of it will be in the form of links to other Web Sites. Please use your browsers 'Back' button to return to this page.

WEATHER is a big topic of conversation. It is used to determine vacation dates, what to take to wear, and why the fish are or aren't biting. Surprisingly the last one is probably the most reliable. Weather does play an important part in fishing success. But just because the weather was nice one particular week this year does not mean that same week next year will also be nice. And as far as what to bring to wear - we can only say -"Be prepared for anything." Here are a few web sites about our weather.
Current conditions and short term forecasts for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario ( the closest city to LIMBERLOST LODGE). Generally, but not always, our weather is similar.
Environment Canada

The Weather Network
Current Conditions and five day forecasts for Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake and Chapleau (cities to the west, east and north of LIMBERLOST LODGE). Also radar imagery to see what is on the way. From Meteorological Service of Canada. Meteorological Service
Average weather from 1961 to 1990. With Global Warming these numbers may not be very helpful. From Environment Canada. Climate Normals
Forecasts of general climate conditions (i.e. above normal temperature, below normal precipitation) for the next 3, 6, and 9 months (spring, summer, fall or winter). Seasonal Forecasts
Now that you know what the temperature is in Celsius, you may want to know what it is in Farenheit, especially  if you are from the United States. Temperature Conversion degrees C. to degrees F.

FISHING REGULATIONS is another thing that many of LIMBERLOST LODGE'S guests and potential guests want information about. Please buy your fishing licences at the Tunnel Lake Trading Post on your way up here, 6 miles or 10 km south of us. They also carry life bait and all kinds of fishing tackle, food, liquor, gifts, ice cream. 
The Regulations can be found at the Ministry of Natural Resources 'Fishing' web site. LIMBERLOST LODGE is in District 18 on Map D. Fishing Regulations

CURRENCY EXCHANGE: All LIMBERLOST LODGE rates and prices are shown in Canadian Funds. We accept U.S. Currency at an exchange rate within 2% of the current rate provided by our local bank. (Personal cheques sent as deposit are credited with the exact exchange that we receive from the bank when we deposit it.) Since the rates fluctuate daily it is difficult to know in advance what the rate will be when you are here on your vacation. You can also exchange your money at a Currency Exchange Store upon entering Canada or at any Chartered Bank.   
Here are a couple of web sites that perform Currency Conversion Calculations. Use these numbers as a guide. There is about a 5% difference between what a bank pays you for U.S.Dollars and the rate that it would sell them to you. The rates shown on the Currency Conversion sites should be somewhere in between.
Bank of Canada

VISITING CANADA: If you reside in a country other than Canada and want to visit LIMBERLOST LODGE, you may have questions about what you can bring with you and what you need to bring with you when you enter the country. Also, some things may be different here then they are in your home country.
Your first contact in Canada will be with a Canada Customs Officer. Usually, you will be asked a few basic questions about where you are from, where you are going, the purpose of your stay and if you have certain things with you. Sometimes, more detailed questions will be asked or they may even want to see what you have with you. Therefore it is best to know in advance what is permitted and needed in the way of identification etc. Canada Customs
The U.S. State Department has a web site with information for U.S. citizens travelling to Canada. U.S. State Dept. Comments
Canada uses the Metric System for Weights and Measures. Automobile speeds are in kilometres per hour, weights are in grams and lengths are in metres. To convert to U.S. or Imperial Measure (or vice versa) go to the following site.  Convert from or to Canadian
Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages - English and French. Therefore, in Ontario, most information you see will be in both languages. This includes government web sites. For more information on Canada try these sites. Government of Canada
Information on Canada
For information on the Province of Ontario Province of Ontario

CITIES and TOWNS: Many people ask where they can shop for groceries or souvenirs and visit museums or historical sites during there stay at LIMBERLOST LODGE. Here is a list of a few that have web sites.
Thessalon Iron Bridge (Huron Shores) Blind River
Elliot Lake Sault Ste. Marie
Sault Chamber of Commerce

OTHER: Here are a few other sites that you may find of interest.
Agawa Canyon Tour Train Ferry - Tobermory to South Baymouth

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: Here are a few sites that you and your children might find enjoyable.
You may have noticed a Siberian Husky in a lot of the Photographs on the LIMBERLOST LODGE web site. Sascha, the Husky lives here and is a favourite of many of LIMBERLOST'S guests. Sascha has his own web site. Check it out to see what Sascha sees around here. Sascha's World
Here is an interesting sight about wild flowers that you see in Northern Ontario. Andy's Wildflowers
Here is a good sight to learn about identifying birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Birdsource
Common Butterflies of North America by the U.S.Geological Survey Butterflies
Here are a couple of nature related interactive games for kids to play.  Animals of the World
NWF Games - Kidzone
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