Limberlost Lodge - Thessalon, Ontario, Canada


Photo 53 - Photographing a Sunset

LIMBERLOST LODGE is located in a very scenic area. Geologically, we are located in the Penokean Hills. The Mississagi River flows in a crack in this ancient landscape that once had mountains higher than the Rockies. Several Ice Ages (the last one retreated only 10,000 years ago) scoured the landscape and today we have a very rocky, rugged landscape. We are in a Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Forest and Boreal Forest Transition Area and this provides us with a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees. In autumn, the forests are spectacular as the hardwoods lose their green and are ablaze in their brilliant colours. But what makes them unique is the mix. A tall white pine surrounded by orange, yellow and red maples is a beautiful sight.

Ute is our resident photographer.
She took most of the photographs
shown on the LIMBERLOST Web Site.
Here are a few more. Click on them to see a larger version.
Photo 55 - Leaves on the Ground Photo 56 - Tiger Swallowtail
Photo 54 - Ute Photo 57 - Loon at Sunset Photo 58 - Black Bear and Three Cubs
Photo 59 - Maple Leaves  Photo 60 - Whitetail Deer
Photo 61 - Stoney Creek Photo 62 - Highway 129 in Fall Photo 63 - Mississagi River
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