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Limberlost Lodge - Ontario, Canada


LIMBERLOST LODGE has developed a system of hiking trails that will lead you through a variety of forest flora. Several different ecosystems make walking these trails a unique experience. You will walk amongst old growth hemlock, through mixed hardwood and in stands of red and white pine. You will see a variety of wild plants and mosses. Look closely and you will see some of the creatures that live here.
Photo 12 - Pink Lady's Slipper Photo 13 - Indian Pipe
Photo 14 - Green Tree Frog Photo 15 - Hermit Thrush Nest
Photo 16 - On the Trail Photo 17 - Distance Sign
Photo 18 - Trail Sign
Starting right at LIMBERLOST LODGE you can follow our well marked trails. Learn about the things you will see from the interpretative signage along the way. Pack a lunch and follow the trail to our canoe cache at Harten Lake. Paddle the canoe quietly around this lake and you may be rewarded with the sight of a moose eating the water vegetation. 
To Trail Map Photo 19 - Harten Lake
Photo 20 - Grindstone Falls There are other trails in the area that will take you to some interesting and scenic places. Plan on taking time to see a couple of the waterfalls in the area. As you drive north on Highway 129 from LIMBERLOST LODGE you can stop at two trails that lead to waterfalls. First is Grindstone Falls and second is the well known and often photographed Aubrey Falls (below).

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To See and Do Map

Photo 21 - Aubrey Falls
Photo 22 - View from Rock Candy Mountain Another trail a short distance south of LIMBERLOST LODGE takes you to the top of Rock Candy Mountain on Cumming Lake. From the lookouts you can see Cumming and Tunnel Lakes and the surrounding hills and valleys. Make sure you bring along an extra roll of film. 
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